Bank credit

Bank credit is a financial opportunity for individuals or companies. Credit applicants finance their activities with real estate loans, consumer loans, or revolving credit, car loans or business loans. You can acquire a property rapidly with credit.

How to optimize your financial investments

How to optimize your financial investments ?

A financial investment or a wealth management advisor will help you establish your wealth strategy, to get more information visit

  • Analysis of financial assets analysis: all your liquid assets.
  • Investments monitoring of and arbitrage with discretionary management mandates.
  • Access to many types of contracts: life insurance, capitalisation, securities accounts.

Why choose online banking?

Online banking offers you the same services than regular banking (check books, life insurance). It has more advantages and allows you to manage your finances. When you choose an online bank, you benefit from a lower operating costs and lower bank charges.

There are not too many online banks yet, but their rate is very competitive.

Online banking is the best solution for you if you need to conduct transactions on a frequent basis. You’ll save time, energy and money. All your loans, savings and investment accounts can be managed online, and you won’t have the need to visit a branch.

Why choose online banking

Different types of bank loans

The Stock

Investing in the
stock market

Investing in the stock market means buying and selling financial products on the stock market.

Stock market investment

The main reasons to invest in the stock market is to earn money, save taxes and participate in economic growth.

Why a wealth
manager ?

call on a wealth manager

A wealth manager is the advisor who performs a complete diagnosis of his client’s wealth portfolio. He guides his clients towards the solutions that best suit his needs and set up a wealth strategy based on trust and transparency. A wealth management adviser is a prime source of financial information. He tailors proposals adjusted to his client’s needs, and depending on his availability and his willingness to listen. He or she sets out regular follow-up to insure he met all his objectives.

A wealth management advisor provides advice, aid and recommendations for his client. He helps him define a tailor-made wealth, financial and tax optimisation strategy. His independence is an asset that makes his decision more objective. More tips on

Equity savings plan

Opening date of the saving plan insurance

There is no payment requirement, but your first payment determines the opening date of the savings account.

Saving plan death

Following the death of the account holder, the saving plan is closed and the assets are transferred to a single account in the name of the inheritance beneficiaries.

Saving plans when moving abroad

You don't have to close your savings account if you decide to move out of the country.

Saving plans and setting up a business

Savings account interest payment are not taxed if the funds are used to start or invest into a business.