Criteria for choosing an online bank

There are a number of elements that need to be checked to determine which bank offers the most attractive package: Account management: account maintenance fees, fees for inactive accounts, issuing cheques, stop payment charges on cheques, and insurance against loss…

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How to get a free bank card online?

The offers of online banks are currently very attractive. In fact, most of them offer bank cards for free after opening an online account. However, the conditions may vary from one institution to another. But which ones? And what type…

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Tips on how to use online and remote banking properly

Thanks to the internet, life becomes simpler. Yes, before, it was necessary to go to an agency to carry out operations and respect the opening hours. Nowadays, it is possible to use the services remotely without worrying about the time…

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Why open a savings account online?

Timidly but surely, online banking is gradually making its way into the daily lives of the French, who trust it for all sorts of functions. With rigorous security and identity verification protocols, online banking brings as many benefits as its…

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