How to get a free bank card online?

The offers of online banks are currently very attractive. In fact, most of them offer bank cards for free after opening an online account. However, the conditions may vary from one institution to another. But which ones? And what type of bank card to choose?

How to get a bank card online: what are the conditions?

To benefit from a free online bank card, all you need to do is open an online account. However, there are conditions of use. The most common are : a minimum level of monthly income or a required monthly payment and/or a minimum savings amount Example: The Boursorama bank card requires a minimum level of monthly income or savings. In addition, the classic card can be obtained free of charge. For some sites, for the top of the range, an additional fee would be required.

What are the different types of bank card?

The Visa card with immediate debit is the most popular type of card in France. It is free of charge, with no condition of income, no condition of payment and no condition of savings. It is very simple to use and transactions are recorded within one to two days after the transaction. The disadvantage? There is a daily or weekly withdrawal and payment limit. For the deferred debit card, withdrawals and transfers made during the month are grouped together. If you don't have the time to calculate your transactions, you may have an unpleasant surprise at the end of the month. The only advantage is that you can accumulate expenses even before your salary arrives. It is therefore a form of credit in another form. To take advantage of this advantage, you would have to pay more! Note: Whether it is one or the other, the holder can carry out operations in France and anywhere in the world. The card with systematic authorisation is the most secure, as overdraft is impossible. This way, you limit the risk of payment incidents. There is also what is known as a bank withdrawal card. It is especially suitable for young people and teenagers to help them control their budget. And finally, the top-of-the-range card (Visa Premier or MasterCard Gold card) offers very extensive assistance and insurance. In short, the coverage is more or less complete for those who travel frequently.

Why use a bank card comparison?

Not all banks are the same. Therefore, it is advisable to use a bank card comparison to compare the offers, whether in terms of overdraft, ceiling, etc.. Using this tool, quickly find the most profitable card that includes the most interesting services!

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