How can you best prepare for retirement?

Do you want to maintain your current standard of living after you retire? Anticipate your retirement at the age of 40. But how? What are the best solutions for setting aside enough money to prepare for retirement? Here are some possible options...

Good to know!

To prepare for your retirement, you have other choices: the Perco (collective retirement savings plan), the Pere (company retirement savings plan) for employees, or the Prefon for civil servants. If you have knowledge of the financial markets, don't hesitate to invest in stock market transactions, as the net annual return can be very attractive. In addition, some companies also offer a PEE or company savings plan. You can contribute to it in a variety of ways . Finally, to boost your income, call on a wealth management advisor, for example The advisor will be able to advise you on the best investment to make to make your wealth grow.

Invest in sustainable assets!

Why not think about buying a home that will be your main residence? It's a good way to reduce rental charges. In this way, your purchasing power will increase. There are also other solutions: rental investment. This involves acquiring real estate intended for rental use: a furnished rental: you can rent premises already equipped with furniture. This is a very profitable solution both functionally and fiscally. an unfurnished rental: it is a building that is rented as it is, without furniture and bare ownership rental: the property is subject to a temporary usufruct. This means that the usufructuary receives the benefits for the duration of the dismemberment and bears all the charges. At the end of the contract, the property belongs to you! Note: After you have paid all your debts, the rent will supplement your retirement pension. In any case, give preference to the old one because it is cheaper.

Diversify your assets

Indeed, it is essential to diversify your assets while you have the means by trying to find additional income to boost your savings. There are several alternatives: life insurance: savings can be withdrawn at any time under certain conditions. It is a long-term investment that can generate large sums of money. the perp: the tax deduction can be interesting on taxable income. The principle is simple. The holder pays a sum on a contract held by an insurer according to his possibilities. The latter will then be paid on supports to become at the end an annuity at the time of retirement. and the Madelin: this alternative is reserved for independents and liberal professionals. The money invested cannot be recovered before retirement. And the sums paid out on the contract are tax-free.

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