Opting for a CGP: what are the advantages?

A CGP can provide you with tailor-made solutions that are finer than those of a traditional bank. But what is its role? And what are its advantages?

A CGP rather than a traditional bank, what are the advantages?

Are you hesitating between using a traditional bank and a wealth management firm? We are going to give you some good reasons to choose the CGP. But what is it? What are its missions? Discover below all the information you need to know on the subject.

Why choose a wealth management firm

An independent wealth management advisor is able to provide a wide range of solutions thanks to its partnerships with many professionals in the industry. Thus, whatever your problem, he or she can advise you on a more appropriate formula since the services are personalised. In addition, he or she will also carry out a non-binding audit of your assets. At the very least, you will have the opinion of an expert before doing anything. What's more, the wealth management firm can help you develop your assets while minimising costs. And to find a wealth management adviser, you can contact www.althos-patrimoine.com directly, the best in advice and innovation at the service of your assets: tailor-made support, unique investment opportunities, total independence and complete transparency.

What exactly is a CGP?

A CGP or wealth management consultant is an investment advisor. His or her main mission is to offer clients a savings or investment solution that meets their expectations and is adapted to their objectives and investor profiles, and to optimise the taxation of investments. To do this, he will analyse the balance sheet of the client's assets. He normally holds a Master's degree from business schools. He generally works independently or within a wealth management firm and offers his clients a whole range of products belonging to several financial institutions. His asset? His offers can be personalised and are more specific. In this way, he is able to provide consumers with more complex products that are not always accessible to the general public.

What is the difference between a bank and a wealth management firm?

The bank offers consumers products that are necessary in the daily life of individuals and professionals: current accounts, savings accounts, means of payment, credit, etc. While a wealth management firm does not offer basic banking products. No! its products are focused on investments. Thus, the choice of a CGP may be more advantageous compared to a bank if you wish to diversify your assets and benefit from the help of an expert to better manage your wealth. But when to use a CGP? When you have a somewhat complicated situation, if you are looking for a solution that is not accessible to everyone and if you have no knowledge of financial products and markets. Note: In the past, CGPs were only interested in large fortunes. But now they can provide key solutions for people with limited wealth.

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