Online credit simulation: calculation of the monthly installment

Are you considering taking out a loan? Why not do a simulation online. It’s a free, no-obligation solution that will help you determine the amount of your monthly credit payment based on the amount to be borrowed and the repayment…

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Credit: principle, operation and regulations

Financial institutions and banks often offer different credit rates. Thus, it is always necessary to make comparisons to find the best deal. But how does credit work? And what are the regulations in France? Zoom on the subject! What are…

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Credit smoothing in a financing plan

To prepare for your retirement or to make your savings grow, there are several types of investments. But which one is the most lucrative? How can you make a successful investment? What are the right reflexes to adopt? Follow the…

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The place of banks in business financing

Banks play an important role in the national economy. Even after the explosion of crowdfunding or participatory financing, recourse to banking institutions remains unavoidable for most companies to solve cash flow problems and to implement new projects through many services….

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How does a credit buyback work ?

Being an advantageous financial operation, the credit repurchase is intended for over-indebted people. It is a solution that allows you to reduce your monthly payments considerably, since instead of paying for several months, you will only pay once. It is…

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