Credit smoothing in a financing plan

To prepare for your retirement or to make your savings grow, there are several types of investments. But which one is the most lucrative? How can you make a successful investment? What are the right reflexes to adopt? Follow the editor's advice!

What type of investment should you choose ?

Admittedly, interest rates are not very attractive . The return on life insurance, the Livret A passbook and all kinds of savings is reduced. So these are not the best solutions for investing all your savings. However, investing in stock market transactions and investments in SMEs are the most lucrative. For example, buy securities and shares, lend your money to small businesses, etc. Note: With associative contracts or with an online life insurance without payment fees, the investment is still attractive, as they can earn up to 2%. In addition, there are also term accounts. They can make you earn between 2 and 3% with savings blocked for more than 36 months. Superbooks also offer advantageous rates, around 1% net. What's more, you can invest in the paper stone via SCPIs. The annual return is 5%. But to be profitable, it would be necessary to plan a long-term investment. Social investment funds give a return of up to 10% but it is a risky investment. However, it's really worth a try. Finally, there is real estate investment. Even if the price per square meter has been revised upwards, real estate is still a good investment. By opting for a furnished rental, your income can grow quickly.

What to do if funds are lacking?

The bank will always be at your side to give you the resources you need to finance your projects, provided you are not registered with the Banque de France. If this is not enough, you can also ask for help online via a Crowdfunding platform for example or apply for other loans from other financial institutions. However, you should carefully study your repayment capacities to avoid over-indebtedness. To help you, you can opt for a credit smoothing in order to group together all your monthly loan payments. Note: a financing plan that is unbalanced and does not offer sufficient guarantees cannot seduce a banker. Therefore, to put all the chances on your side, establish a concrete and feasible schedule.

Other advice

If you are considering investing in the stock market, go through an online broker. This will give you the opportunity to find a better deal. For the passbook, don't rely solely on the posted rate. You must take into account the base rate that will take over at the end of the promotion. In this way, we advise you to calculate the actuarial rate in order to know the real rate over twelve months. Similarly, consider the fortnightly rule. This means that the sums paid in do not start to bear fruit until the 1st or 16th of the month and the sums withdrawn are taken into account from the 1st or 16th preceding the action. So, pour and withdraw your money at the right time.

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