Criteria for choosing an online bank

There are a number of elements that need to be checked to determine which bank offers the most attractive package: Account management: account maintenance fees, fees for inactive accounts, issuing cheques, stop payment charges on cheques, and insurance against loss and theft of means of payment. These different fees can generate more or less important costs depending on the bank. The bank card: there are three types of bank card: the paying bank card with no income conditions, the top-of-the-range bank card with income conditions and the middle-of-the-range bank card with income conditions. Warning! Cards are generally provided free of charge, but the fees associated with their use are often taxed: withdrawal or employment fees abroad, stop payment fees, etc. Incident fees and additional charges: these include authorised bank overdraft rates, transfer rejections, direct debit rejections, etc. Services offered: you must choose an online bank according to your profile. Until now, many virtual banking institutions do not yet offer credits and loans, so before opening an account, you should find out the following Customer service: choose a bank that provides customer support at least during office hours and that offers a variety of means of contact: chat, e-mail, telephone, etc. Please note! Some banks surcharge calls !!! So be careful!

New technologies at the service of customers!

Apart from the above parameters, other elements can also tip the balance, notably the technological innovations used by online banking. Indeed, due to the absence of physical contact, companies must facilitate account management using technological tools. Examples include mobile applications, alerts, free transfers on mobile phones, geolocation of ATMs, etc. These are real advantages for customers.

Online promotional offers

The offers of online banks are often more attractive because the operating costs are lower. As a result, it is not uncommon to find promotions on many sites to attract consumers. So before choosing a bank, it is a good idea to do a little research on the web to find the most attractive offer. Moreover, these promotions are limited in time, so you should register at the right time. Note: To simplify your task, don't hesitate to use an online bank comparator. It is a very effective tool to help you find a bank that meets your expectations and offers the best deal.

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