Why open a savings account online?

Timidly but surely, online banking is gradually making its way into the daily lives of the French, who trust it for all sorts of functions. With rigorous security and identity verification protocols, online banking brings as many benefits as its traditional version. If you want to open a passbook, here are three good reasons to use the Internet to do so.

Online banking offers advantageous savings rates

Whether it's a PEL, PEA or another type of savings plan, opening a passbook savings account allows you to anticipate the future by setting aside part of your income to subsidize a property purchase, a trip, or simply to keep a precautionary saving in case of an accident. This operation carried out by most French people also aims to finance children's education when they grow up, or to improve retirement conditions. Today, many organizations provide consumers with innovative and easy-to-manage savings solutions. Keep an eye out for the passbook offers concocted by banks, which regularly offer good plans for your savings. Indeed, online services have the same rates as physical banks, and can even set up exclusive operations via the Internet. For example, the zesto passbook is for anyone who wants to invest their money with an attractive gross base rate, as it is one of the three most profitable rates on the market. The subscription costs you nothing, and payments are made at your own pace, according to your capacities and your plans.

Build up your bank savings at any time

With the online service, you will no longer need to go to a branch to carry out your operations. Even the procedure for opening a savings account is done online, whenever you want. All you have to do is send the scanned documents or by post and sign the contract digitally and securely. You are then free to top up your savings account from your personal space. You keep the possibility to make your transfers by credit card or cheque. Your account statements are produced electronically, and accessible on your space when you need them. Important documents such as your bank account details are also available there. In the event of a specific request, the customer service department is reactive in order to process the e-mails and letters received as quickly as possible.

A free and unconditionally cancellable booklet offer

If you hesitate to open a savings account over the internet for fear of encountering difficulties in the event of a closing, keep in mind that the regulations of an online bank are the same as those of a traditional bank. The opening of a savings account is therefore free of charge, usually conditional on a first payment of one to a few dozen euros. Closing a savings account is just as easy, in case you would like to get your savings back in order to realise your project, help your children or relatives, or remedy a difficult situation. The certain advantage of online banking, for savings or for the current account, remains its cost. Considering the real time saving on the operations carried out, it is one of the branches of the banking sector that has been growing the most in recent years.

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