Enhancing your property: 5 techniques to enhance your property’s value

Are you planning to sell or rent your property? There are a few tricks to enhance its value. It is the best way to sell it at the best price and therefore to realize a higher value. But how to proceed? Discover our tips to enhance the value of your property!

Reorganising your property and renovating it from the outside

It is very important to highlight the assets of your real estate. In this case, we will try to give the impression that the spaces are larger. In order to do this, some adjustments and arrangements will be necessary: removing partitions, adding light fixtures, etc. In addition, most of us neglect to take care of the outside of the house. A well-designed garden or courtyard can tip the balance. So give the outside of your home some charm to make it easier to negotiate: mow the lawn, remove weeds, maintain the garden, renovate the driveways in the yard, etc. Note: If you are short of time, you can entrust the management and valuation of your property to a professional such as a property management consultant. Contact althos-patrimoine for a tailor-made service. He will be able to give you good advice!

Home staging" or staging of the home and optimisation of energy performance

The objective? The accommodation should appeal to as many visitors as possible. In this way, we try to make the property neutral. But how do we do that? By changing the decoration and removing personal touches, de-cluttering the rooms, making repairs to certain rooms, renovating the interior, changing the carpeting, etc. For example, the owner can arrange the entrance hall, remove unnecessary furniture, clear the windows to have a nice view... Finally, the rooms must be well lit and heated and it is essential to optimize the energy performance of a building in order to enhance it: remove energy-hungry appliances, insulate the ceiling and walls, etc. Note: The home staging technique is used to enhance the value of your property. It is therefore not a renovation or redecoration technique!

Enhance the value of the property without hiding the defects!

Our aim is to enhance the value of the property and not to hide the defects. In this way, avoid hiding defects. Instead, make repairs if necessary: defective wrist, damaged ceiling, etc. Nevertheless, expenses should not exceed 2% of the real estate sale price. In any case, our aim is to give a good impression to people who wish to invest in real estate. Therefore, we have to highlight the strong points of the residence. Before each visit, proceed to the complete cleaning. Everything must be clean at the time of the visit. Remove all the things that could make customers desist, even in the attic. Note: You can ask for the help of a wealth management advisor to help you sell and rent your residence at a more attractive price.

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