Tips on how to use online and remote banking properly

Thanks to the internet, life becomes simpler. Yes, before, it was necessary to go to an agency to carry out operations and respect the opening hours. Nowadays, it is possible to use the services remotely without worrying about the time it is. But how to use online banking, virtual banking on the Internet?

The different types of banks

There are three main types of banks: traditional banks: these are the players on the traditional banking market who have opened Internet sites on which their customers can access various services remotely online banks or pure players: these banks do not have physical branches. They are also called "remote banking". In the majority of cases, they belong to leading banking groups. and mobile banks or neobanks: their offers are mainly centralized on financial services that are only accessible on a smartphone

Instructions before using remote and online banking

First of all, equip your computer with a firewall, antivirus and anti-spyware software. This will allow you to optimize the protection of your device. If you don't have a budget, don't hesitate to opt for the free versions. In addition, changing the access code for online services should be a habit with you. You should always be careful. And as much as possible, avoid logging on in public places. It would be better to use your own devices for security reasons. Finally, don't forget to install your banker's official software (the Smartphone application) to simplify the use of online services. And disconnect your account after each use. However, avoid the web version. And above all, make regular updates.

The advantages of using online or remote banking

Online banking is known for its attractive rates. Indeed, prices are breaking all records. And if you want to save a little money, this is the best solution. Bank charges are almost zero, cards are offered free of charge after opening an account, accounts are unconditional on income or savings... In general, day-to-day transactions are free, such as transfers, ordering chequebooks, issuing bank account details, etc. In the same way, pricing is clear and transparent. Most of the new generation banks display their tariffs on their websites. Moreover, access to the service is simplified and the holder can open his account on any medium (PC, laptop, tablet or telephone). In addition, account management is very easy to do remotely. There are no geographical or time constraints. What's more, neobanks accept scanned documents for opening accounts: an identity document, proof of income and proof of address. Thus, in just a few clicks, you can open your account online. Finally, new customers benefit from a bonus of €80 or even more during promotional periods. Note: If the services offered by your traditional provider do not meet your expectations, do not hesitate to change banks.

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