Investment and savings: managing your assets after retirement!

Are you going to retire very soon? From now on, think about making your assets grow so that you don't run out of money quickly. But how do you manage your assets properly? Our first piece of advice is to avoid investing your money in risky investments.

Investing in well-secured investments

After you stop working, you should change your retirement savings strategy. If this is not already the case, it is time to buy your own property and put it up for rent, in order to supplement your retirement pension, which will not be sufficient to maintain your current standard of living. However, if you are already 70 years of age or older, it will be more difficult to borrow. The solution? Draw from your savings (life insurance, Perp, Perco, PEA...) to finance your project. There is also life insurance, Madelin or Perp. Even if the rates are not very interesting these last years, they remain secure investments. The capital is guaranteed and the interest is credited to your account as planned. Moreover, the subscriber can withdraw his money at any time, if necessary. Nevertheless, to benefit from a more advantageous tax treatment, you would have to wait 8 years before redeeming.

Diversify your media

Even after retirement, it is still essential to diversify your wealth to balance it. To do this, avoid investing everything you've set aside in one place. Instead, take out several life insurance policies. This will allow you to reduce the risks. However, this doesn't mean spreading your assets too thin. It's a waste of money. Note: To avoid speculation, investing in stock market transactions is strongly discouraged. While it can make you big money, the risks are very high. Even experts in the field can't keep up with market fluctuations.

Good to know!

If you have minor problems managing your assets, or if you have a larger estate, call in wealth engineers. With their in-depth knowledge of the market, they can help you find the best capitalization contracts to make your money grow, based on your objectives and profile. At the same time, they will be able to give you good advice to better manage your wealth! You can also move on to donating some of your assets to your children.

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